ATHENS, TN, (23rd Jan, 2008) – Customers picking up Mayfield Milk next month may notice a new message on the familiar yellow jugs. Beginning in February, Mayfield Dairy Farms will add a label to the cap of every jug letting consumers know their farmers have pledged not to use artificial growth hormones.

According to company President Scottie Mayfield, farmers pledged not to treat their cows with artificial hormones several years ago.

“Since there is no test to detect the presence of these artificial hormones in the milk, our farmers have now signed legally binding commitments confirming that they don’t treat their cows with these or other artificial growth hormones,” Mayfield said. “The new cap labels ensure our consumers know our farmers have pledged not to use these hormones.”

The FDA approved rBST in 1993 as a way of helping farmers increase the milk production of their cows. Although no significant difference has been shown in milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormone rBST and non-rBST treated cows, some consumers were concerned about their use.

“As a result, we asked our farmers not to treat their herds with artificial hormones at that time,” Mayfield said.

“Now consumers are paying more attention than ever to what goes into their food and beverages, and we want them to know that the farmers who work with Mayfield Dairy Farms have pledged not to use rBST.”

“The bottom line is when you drink a glass of Mayfield Milk, you’re enjoying a glass of the freshest, best-tasting milk available.”