Long Hollow Dairy Farm

I’ve lived on this farm my entire life and never wanted to do anything else.

Nestled in the Northwest corner of Georgia sits Long Hollow Dairy Farm, owned and operated by the Millican family. Alex and his brother Kim are second-generation dairy farmers, taking over from their father, who started the dairy in 1958.

Alex and his daughter Rachel share in the day-to-day farm operations. The family milks 100 Holstein cows, with some Jerseys mixed in the herd. One of their cows, named Miracle, is truly a living miracle — having survived a snowstorm at the beginning of her life. Miracle is a farm favorite with visitors when the family hosts local school classes, business groups and neighbors who make a trip to the farm.

On the weekends or in busy times of the year, Rachel’s husband, Matt, and son, Jake, help with milking or field work. Other extended family members also help with silage and milking if needed — embodying what it means to be a true multi-generational family farm.